My Name is AvIg Kazanjian, 21 years old, based in Västerås,Sweden, working as a Freelance photographer.

Photography has always been my passion. Being given the opportunity to have my passion as a job it the best thing in the world. For the last four years I have continuously worked hard to become successful in my strive to work as a photographer professionally.

Momentarily I am working as a freelance-photographer while studying photography at the same time.

I shoot:

  • Portraits

  • festivals / Concerts

  • Fashion / beauty

  • Restaurants/food

  • Interior

  • Cityscapes / Landscape

  • Engagements / wedding

  • Products

  • Film / video

I came to Västerås four years ago, and ever since I have tried to take beautiful photos of the town to show everyone the beauty it possesses. This has led to big companies buying my photos. 

I also love filming. Therefore, last year i started to film and make videos for companies, see my videos here.

I hope everyone enjoy My photos, and any comments/suggestions are most welcome. Thanks :)

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Cameras:                 lenses:

Canon 5D mark 4      Canon 24-105mm F4 

Canon 6D                  Canon 85mm F1.8  

                               Tamron 70-300mmf/4-5.6

                                Canon 50mm F1.4 

Irix 15mm F2.5

Canon 500D         Canon 18-55